Elephant Hunting Zimbabwe - Elephant Hunting

Even with the import ban, elephant hunting in Zimbabwe remains an awesome and exciting big five hunt.  Tusk-less or trophy, Sentinel shares numerous large free ranging elephant herds with Botswana and South Africa.  Elephants can be found on Sentinel all year, but become more numerous during the dryers winter months from July through October. On Sentinel you can experience elephant trophy hunting for big bodied bulls with daily rates that are among the lowest in Africa.  Our reasoning is that while you will have a fantastic elephant hunt, the potential for big ivory is not as good as other areas.  While it’s possible to take a 50 pounder, your expectations should be lower, more in the 30-40 pound range.  We get one or two on quota each year.  One permit remains for 2017, and two for 2018. Contact: chuck@burntpine-travel.com (404) 457-6581

You can once agin import sport hunted ivory from Zimbabwe.

 A tuskless cow elephant hunt is a great way to experience elephant hunting at an even more reasonable rate, and much lower trophy fee.  All the elephant hunt excitement with out the associated big costs.  You are welcome to hunt plains game on any elephant hunt, and other species such as buffalo or leopard can be added as well. 

The US does not require a CITES import permit for elephants harvested in Zimbabwe.  However, Zimbabwe charges a $100 for a CITES export permit