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Leopard hunting remains one of the most sought after African trophies right along side buffalo. Sentinel Limpopo Safaris enjoys historically high hunter success on leopard hunts, along with excellent trophy quality. This past season was no exception with a client taking one of the lrgest cats in all Zimbabwe for 2014. Sentinel is a large property, and we don’t over harvest assuring you that there are a lot of big toms roaming around. Our annual export quota varies from two - three on Sentinel main, and two more for our new property Makumba at Wape.

We have one remaining for 2015 and 2016,  If you have the itch to take a big leopard contact us to book it, or to get on the short list for 2017 or 2018. These hunts are a minimum 14 days, are very competitively priced, and may also include hunting other available plains game species including buffalo, and or elephant.

Contact: chuck@burntpine-travel.com

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