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Cape Buffalo hunting in Africa is the first premier dangerous game species that clients go after. Sentinel Limpopo Safaris in Zimbabwe has a growing trophy buffalo herd that is producing good trophy quality mature bulls. If you are going after something that “Hunts Back”, then you might as well go after a good one! Bulls with large hard bosses that range from 38” to the mid-40”s are what you set your sights on. The herd was started in the year 2000 and has been growing ever since. The adrenaline rush won’t come from hunting them in the long grass, but rather in the tight thick riverine bush. The first hunts were conducted in 2004, and since the beginning we have had a 100% success rate.

Buffalo hunts are available for 2017. If you have the itch to take a good old “duga boy” then contact us to get on the list. These hunts are usually a minimum 10 days, but there are some “5 Day Specials” they are competitively priced, and may also include hunting other available species such as leopard, and plainsgame, or elephant. Contact:

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