Not being a hunter, I wondered if this trip was going to be just a long boring wait in the truck while my husband hunted. That was not the case, to say the least. From a trip to the local school, watching the camp water hole, or taking walks to look at the many animals, the trip was great!

Super experience. One of the richest game concessions I have been to. I needed more time to see it all. Here there are elephant, buffalo, and every other form of African wildlife all in one location. Would love to bring my family back.

Vanessa and Digby: I can’t thank you enough for a most wonderful “honeymoon” trip. The game drives, evenings around the fire pit, the food walks and viewings were more than I could ever imagine. I hope John brings me back. Nancy and John

My wife, granddaughter and I started hunting Sentinel Ranch in 1999, and have been back many times. It is one of the most amazing tracks of land that I have ever had the pleasure to explore. Large herds of Zebra, Wildebeest, Kudu, Eland are bountiful, not to mention the largest Impala, Bushbuck, Steenbuck and Klipspringers to be found anywhere in Africa.

This is my 11th trip to Africa and one of my most memorable. I came to see and feel the wonderful world that you live in – and did just that. Your accommodation and food were a real treat, and second only to your hospitality. If this trip is my last one, it will be a great way to end it all. I love Africa, and you have made it a special place in my 75-year old memory bank.

The elephant hunt was an experience of a lifetime! My wife and I returned for our second trip to Sentinel and were extremely pleased to find that Vanessa was now full time on the farm and Digby was his normal busy friendly self. We were warmly received and the camp is in outstanding shape. Digby and Vanessa have delivered another great holiday and hunting experience. We are forever grateful for their hard work and cheer that makes our time so pleasant. Never forget your Alabama family loves you!

I accompanied my husband to Sentinel during his hunt there. I had some trepidation about going to Zimbabwe because of the news I heard about their “election” and the country’s economy. However, absolutely none of my concerns were ever evident as we came and left Zimbabwe without a real awareness of anything different from what we had seen in South Africa during our visit there. I plan to join my husband when he returns for further hunting as I feel like maybe I only scratched the surface of what is available at Sentinel.

Beautiful property, first class service and staff. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

I had, of course, heard praise of Sentinel before the trip my wife and I took, but nothing anyone could say did it justice. From a beautiful river forest that reminded me of stalking whitetail at home to the centuries old elephant trails in the rock fields there was always something to admire. The camp itself seems to have grown from the kjope on which it is stationed and the surrounding baobab trees remind you that you are indeed in Africa! I would love to go back to simply wander around and see what is next!

Thanks for a wonderful time, for showing us the animals and putting up with us “city slickers”.

Sentinel and hosts are absolutely wonderful. This trip was a dream that came true. The hunting was superb and my PH, Matt, was great. Thanks everyone! We’ll be back!

Just talking about it and planning for it cannot touch the sheer amazement of the Sentinel experience. Digby and Vanessa – well, we need a new word for guide, hosts, friendship and brother and sister (from the family you would choose). This deep experience, also with the staff will be imprinted on us forever and has changed our lives. We came home to Africa. It will never leave us wherever we go. Thank you.

Had a very excellent time with all the people at Sentinel. It’s excellent land to hunt on. You have a great P.H. in Richard.

My wife and I had a great time at Sentinel. This property is truly a special place. It has a tremendous amount of game, it is an interesting property because of the different kinds of habitat (riverine forest, plains, etc); it is interesting from both an historical context. I thought it was pretty cool, to look at paintings done by early man, walk among dinosaur bones and hunt leopard all in the same place. The staff was friendly and competent. Of course Digby and Vanessa were great hosts. I have been very lucky in that I have had the opportunity to travel to a number of places over the years and see a lot of beautiful places. Without a doubt Sentinel ranks as one of the most beautiful places that I have been. Anybody that gets an opportunity to hunt or see Sentinel should not pass it up. I have hunted in Tanzania and in Namibia but the hunt at Sentinel was probably my most successful in terms of trophies taken.