Zimbabwe Hunting Rates

Zimbabwe hunting on Sentinel is a community empowerment program.  The safari hunting trophy fees paid by clients go to the Rural District Council and then they are funneled back into the local community.  Trophy fees are paid based on the Campfire Rates in effect the year the safari is conducted.

Five Day Buffalo Hunt Specials 

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Daily Rates

Safari Hunting in Africa tends to be less expensive than hunting in North America and there are a lot more species available, therefore more “bang for the buck”! Hunting on Sentinel is very affordable and a great value. The camp is sold on an “Exclusive Use” basis, whether you’re one or nine in the party.

Daily rates on Sentinel are very competitive with South Africa while delivering a far better safari experience and they are generally less expensive than Zim’s Government concessions.  While the daily rates are a little more expensive than Namibia, the trophy fees tend to be less, and you are hunting on a wild piece of property where you can encounter elephant, buffalo, and maybe even lion. Daily rates are guaranteed when deposited.  Contact: chuck@burntpine-travel.com

Hunts are usually booked for 10 days, with the bare minimum for general plains game being seven, some species such as leopard & elephant require 14 days. The arrival day isn’t counted as a hunting day, and is charged at observer rates, but the day of departure isn’t charged at all. The rate charged per day is based on the animals hunted, with plains game hunts being the least expensive. The daily rates tend to go up based on whether dangerous game or glamour species such as sable are to be part of the hunt. You can either hunt one on one with your professional hunter (PH) or bring a friend and hunt two on one at a reduced rate. Observers are always welcome and find plenty of activities. It’s a place to come for a Safari for the family.

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